Hi! I am a PhD researcher, data scientist and statistician working on advancing the methods and theory surrounding causal and Bayesian computation, learning and modelling. I love working on impactful projects, specifically in the areas of health, epidemiology, pharmaceuticals and society. In light of the problems that these areas pose, I am concerned with improving our understanding and building machinery for learning from complex and synthetic data, as well as investigating fairness and privacy across all of these contexts.

I mainly work with collaborators across the Universities of Warwick, Oxford and UCL, as a member of the University of Warwick's Department of Statistics, a visiting member of Chris Holmes' Lab at the University of Oxford and an honourary RA at the UCL Institute for Health Informatics. I am a member of the COVID-IMPACT and CVD-COVID-UK Consortia organised by Health Data Research UK and the British Heart Foundation's DSC, the 2019 Feuer International Scholar in Artificial Intelligence, a collaborator at The Alan Turing Institute, a team member and contributor to the Turing.jl Probabilistic Programming Language, as well as a volunteer with organisations such as DataKind and the Data Science for Social Good Foundation.

Previously, I was a Research Scientist at Twitter's Cortex Lab, a Research Scientist at Pumas-AI, a Fellow of the Data Science for Social Good Foundation, an organiser for the UK DSSG Fellowship, and a Visiting Researcher and Data Scientist at Homeless Link.

Things I'm working on

This website!